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The push was secured towards the deck with four furnished units and screws in a out-of- site near a wire bundle. Next, the ECU was secured by us. Therefore the two cords from the pump can be connected to the ECU, it needs to be close enough towards the push. We mounted the bulkhead of our center console and the system together with six screws only above the pump. The Garmin control brain front page features a significant exhibit that is simple to examine intending. The next phase we choose to execute was to attach the model that is GHC10. We had room inside our current panel's lower right spot. To put in the machine a big round pit cuts in our screen that was StarBoardĀ® and after that attached the system with four supplied screws. We'd to construct a 2000 anchor and our GPS to get in touch the handle head. We used wiring operated the backbone from our major technology bus-bar and provided with the autopilot. In our belief, this was not difficult and simple.

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