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Como Ser El Mejor Amante Que Ella Haya Tenido

Then there is the combination. Handmade in Honduras employing pristine Corojo wrappers along with a classic menu of Cuban -seed long-additives, each Mejor provides a delicate, well-aged smell having an effect of farm combined with a rush of pepper along with cooked bread. Indeed, it feels like I Have been here before, setting the period for – preferably – an experience that is similar. Our first impression of Mejor is wellmade. Each cigar is beautifully rolled using wrinkled wrapper leaves boasting nice oils plus a (extremely) consistent color from head-to-toe. Each is strongly packed, making the slightest bit of weight to an easy pull and no delicate spots. The hat is beautifully applied with care, and veins are at the absolute minimum. Yep... .

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