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Mis Hechizos De Amor

So I imagine it's secure to convey that I'm not-too positive about that one. Record Rating: 3.5 I did sonot like their first album sometimes. That is their fourth though, so I Might say it is worth a try, if you're ever feeling exciting. Hello the motto is in fact "tiger military never die" It would likewise have been fascinating if you stated the company of the cd, Jerry Finn and any influence he's had on their sound, i dont consider tiger army have caused a developer before, most certainly not of Finn's stature. I trust your overall feeling though, it is a bit of the assortment of songs, in place of an album, plus it does sound similar to tiger military III, sadly... I liked Power of Moonlight, and considered Ghost Tigers Surge was okay. Our key worries about any of it were the sound that is ominous and gloomy. I can't remain "Flower of the Devil's Garden" and "The Contacting" for that reason.

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